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English Teaching (Textbook Evaluation) Essay

â€Å"A conversation Book one: English in Everyday’s Life† is a revised third edition book that provides a wide variety of vocabulary and student-centered learning activities for teachers to apply when teaching students. To begin with, the book advocates for teachers to use a communicative teaching approach method when teaching students. In addition, it inspires and recommends students to actively engage in the use of proper language in classrooms which eventually enhances their learning skills.   This book also advocates for students to use English when communicating and conversing with one another which actually heightens their fluency in English. In regard to this, the students acquire good communication skills and techniques that are essential in expressing their thoughts and feelings especially outside classrooms. As a matter of fact, the book provides students with good listening and communication skills which in time are applicable in critical thinking and evaluation. Furthermore, the book emphasizes more on conversation and communication rather than grammatical accuracy. Therefore, the grammar rules are learned inductively throughout each lesson in the book.   This book is also designed for the beginners and low intermediate student although I believe it is also appropriate for both the young and aged learners. I recommend for a more detailed approach in case the book is to be used for young learners because it really emphasizes on the language conversational skills needed in everyday’s life. Additionally, I perceive this book as not actually being essential to those students lacking a basic familiarity with the English alphabet and also those who do not have prior experiences using the language skills of listening and speaking in their native languages. I would not recommend this book to be used by first language learners since it makes an assumption that all learners have general experiences in everyday’s activities. Teachers can use this book either sequentially from the beginning to the end or in a random order which is actually provided in the teacher’s guide. The teacher’s guide is a very easy to follow procedure which contains warm-up activities for each lesson with preceding steps on suggestions about the contents in the book.   In addition, the objectives are clearly stated for each lesson with a wide variety of extended activities for each lesson while there is also a section that gives an overview of all the activities and the objectives of each lesson. On the contrary, there are no supplementary materials included within this textbook. The student’s guide contains guidelines on the first page of every unit which actually facilitate learning and comprehension of the unit. In addition, this small section in each unit actually guides students in understanding, developing, and broadening their learning skills. There are also sections for: Vocabulary; grammar and conversation; individual or partner and group activities, and sections for cross-cultural exchanges which in reality allow the class to discuss their cultural differences.   The student’s guidebook also encourages students to discuss and talk about their opinions regarding their cultures. This eventually helps them in clarifying any confusion they might encounter about cultures while learning English as language. There are also sections of discussion in the book which allow students to review and answer questions on already discussed topics. In these sections, teachers are allowed to ask questions which students are eligible to answer while in c lass. Finally, the individual, partner and group activities provide students with lots of opportunities in language. These activities actually involve: Assigning of specific roles when playing; total physical response (TPR); vocabulary memory games; journal writing assignments; and activities that involve story-telling, survey, problem solving and discussions. In regard to these, students will acquire numerous opportunities of thinking, discussing and sharing answers while using this textbook which eventually helps them interact well with one another hence making the learning process more meaningful. The vocabulary section in each unit provides students with new vocabularies. These equip students with adequate language words which help them develop sufficient confidence and familiarity with the language. Additionally, the presentation of vocabulary in appropriate levels enables students to understand the text and be able to comprehend the new vocabulary which actually is not repeated in subsequent lessons; this reinforces their meaning and use through the textbook. The book also contains: Pictures which clarify vocabulary; interactive and task based activities for students to apply the new learned vocabulary and instructions for students to read before working on the exercises at the end of each unit. In conclusion, I would like to say that â€Å"practice makes perfect†. Therefore, students should communicate regularly in English or any other language for them to learn and perfect on that language. I would also recommend teachers to provide supplementary materials to students since none are provided in this book. These include: Homework and class assignments; drills, listening and speaking quizzes, and tests. The teacher should also incorporate more audio-visual materials and provide additional materials and exercises to reinforce grammar points in the textbook and review vocabulary words.   Generally, I believe that this textbook is appropriate to be used in ESL/EFL classes since it coincides with the goals of the course and also appropriate for the students in low beginner class.

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High City Of Granbury A Drastic Response Time Essay

Over the past couple of years, our small city of Granbury has seen a drastic spike in population. This recent growth has not only caused an unemployment crisis, but it also has influenced a greater risk of devastating fires for both homes and businesses. However, if the city of Granbury were to adopt full time fire departments, all citizens and businesses would benefit in numerous aspects. By adopting these full time departments, it is clear that our cities proficiency, productivity, and safety will increase greatly. There is a little over 400 volunteer firefighters at seven departments spread across Granbury. This not only means that these hard working heros do not receive a paycheck for their excruciating efforts, but it also reveals that these 400 firefighters are not stationed at their departments which indicates they must travel to the station to be able to then respond to a call causing a slow response time; opposed to career departments that always have their stations manned w hich is proven to generate a quicker response time. Not only do these full time departments ensure proper response times to emergencies, but they will also correspond with companies insurance codes which allow their franchises to be opened in cities only with these career departments. Many companies such as Target, Academy, Olive Garden, Main Event, etc†¦ all require professional fire departments for their stores to be built in that city. Also, the lack of recreational opportunities prevent social

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Euthanasia Suffering and Powerful Pain Relief Free Essays

One of the reasons that some people believe that euthanasia is morally okay is that if people with a terminal illness want to die, you should let them. Others will argue that life is a gift from God and that another human shouldn’t interfere with God’s will even if they are begged to help. An example of this is in the Bible. We will write a custom essay sample on Euthanasia: Suffering and Powerful Pain Relief or any similar topic only for you Order Now Thou shalt not kill is one of the Ten Commandments so it is therefore a fundamental tenet of the Christian and Jewish religions, but is it really murder? Euthanasia can help family members, relatives and carers to end the dreadful pain and suffering that their loved ones have to endure. It sometimes seems the kindest thing to do. However one could argue that with more powerful pain relief and dedicated hospices, pain should be controlled. Another reason against euthanasia is that in hospitals it could destroy the relationship and trust between the patient and the doctor. Also is it really fair to put the Doctor in the position of having to make such a key decision? Surely if God gave life then only he can decide when to take it back. The major argument against euthanasia in my opinion is that if it is legal it could be subject to a great deal of abuse, such as relatives not wanting to bother anymore or getting their hands on someone’s will. Even Doctors could be tempted to hurry along a patient’s death in order to harvest their organs for a younger patient. It is a bit like the argument for Capital punishment, what if you hang the wrong man, similarly what if the man who has been in a coma for years suddenly awakes? Life is precious and it should not be devalued and if taken to it’s extreme in the hands of a person such as Hitler, euthanasia could stop being a choice but something that is enforced. In conclusion I think euthanasia should be allowed as if people want to die and they cannot do it for themselves they should be given help to die with dignity, surrounded by their loved ones, in their own home, not in some impersonal clinic in Switzerland. At the end of the day I believe in freedom of choice. How to cite Euthanasia: Suffering and Powerful Pain Relief, Papers

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The Effect Of Media On The Publics Opinion Essays -

The Effect Of Media On The Publics Opinion The Effects of Media on the Public's Opinion Mass media - have you ever taken the time to consider two articles about the same thing? Some may be more bias against a group or idea, while others keep a strict, non bias view. The way the media portrays events may change or even corrupt people's thoughts on certain public matters. This paper will dissect four articles on the Woodstock riots and show the relationships and differences between them. On a Sunday night, near the closing song of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, there were a few bonfires were reported. The firefighters, feeling they were under control, let these bonfires burn. Then Limp Bizkit came on, another hard-core band. In their song Breakstuff, the audience climbed a television camera tower and began ripping equipment and other electrical devices off of them. After Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine, another hard-core band, played hard-core music that could have easily incited violence. When the smoke cleared away Monday afternoon, not only were thirty-seven people arrested, out of a countless number; there was also hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damaged equipment. In the articles, They Must Have Run Out of Drugs and Woodstock Riot, there are direct and indirect quotes used to inform people of what happened at the concert. These quotes also try and persuade the public's opinion as to whether or not the riots were the faults of the accused. In the article, Woodstock Riot, the author used a direct quote spoken by Spencer Parker. Parker stated, When it first started there was something to it, it has a little bit of meaning when you pay $4 dollars for a pretzel. (PG 2 para. 3) his statement helped direct the blame at high prices. In the article They Must Have Run Out of Drugs, the author used a quote by Chris Melnyczenko to help place blame on the disgruntled youth. Melnyczenko said, They're destroying everything. (Pg. 1 para. 7) Another similar quote by an unknown person, Oh man they must of run out of drugs, (page 1 & 2) struck the author so much that he made it the title. Facts may be different or changed up to help exaggerate the authors' or companies' view points in the articles, Is Rock 'n' Rage Replacing Rock 'n' Roll? and Woodstock Gets Ugly. In the article, Is Rock 'n' Rage Replacing Rock 'n' Roll? the author spends the majority of his writing comparing the past two Woodstocks to the current one, barely touching on the subject of the riot. The article only stated what happened and the fact that the blame should be placed on the band, Limp Bizkit. The band was said to have urged the audience to break stuff. In the other article, Woodstock Gets Ugly, it is said that placing one hard-core band after another could be a mistake and may be the cause of the riots, or other happening, to be placed on the organizers of the event, the bands or the audience. This shows how the companies' or authors' views can be bias against certain groups or ideas by placing the blame on a single band, but a non bias paper places the blame all around. The motivation in these articles may be teen bashing or to show the mistake of everyone as a whole. In the articles They Must Have Run Out of Drugs and Woodstock Gets Ugly, the motivation varies slightly but the topic is the same. The only difference is the people they place the blame on. In the article They Must Have Run Out of Drugs, the author's motivation is based on teen bashing and discrimination. The author blamed all the problems at Woodstock on the teens who were there. In the article Woodstock Gets Ugly, the author put the blame on a series of people instead of a single group. This still places blame on the 400 to 500 teens that participated in the riots. The article also places blame on the vendors and the fact that certain bands were placed back to back. The author also places blame on the bands as a whole. These facts make Woodstock Gets Ugly

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Criminal Mind essays

Criminal Mind essays Every person in this world is odd, but when we do something wrong, we feel remorse. There are some of us that do not feel guilt for doing even the most horrible things. These people are called psychopaths. One wonders what can drive these people to act this way. Can we as a society do anything about these people? Psychopaths are social predators who charm, manipulate and ruthlessly plow their way through life, leaving a broad trail of broken hearts, shattered expectations without the slightest sense of guilt or regret. Their bewildered victims desperately ask, Who are these people?(Hare) Although we think of psychopaths as serial killers and murderers, most of the two million psychopaths in North America arent murderers. (Konrad) Most of them are in most respects regular people. They are people that we see every day and don't think twice about it. Only 5 percent of all psychopaths in America are the Aggressive type. These people are the classic Eddie Haskell of society. They play a part so that you think they are what they really arent. They make you think that they are moving up in the world or that they are very sweet just so that you will trust them, which only leads. To them cheating you. The common psychopath is a person who might have many girlfriends at once and fake commitment in each of the relationships. He or she may be the person that can assure you that they have a foolproof plan of a get rich quick thing and then they will scam you and take your money. Of course in all of the situations that psychopaths and sociopath lie, cheat, or steal from someone they do not think twice about the way that this would leave the poor victim. They would take the money from a man that needed it for surgery or medicine and care less what happens to him. If confined and forced to seek help or apologize, they will apologize but they will be telling a lie. Sociopath tends to be wanderers, or ...

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ACT Homeschool Code for Registration

ACT Homeschool Code for Registration SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips If you've registered for the ACT, you may have noticed that you'll need to enter a school code. But what code do you put if you're homeschooled? How can you make sure your scores get to you? We answer your questions in this guide! What Is the ACT Homeschool Code? The universal ACTHomeschool Code is 969-999.This code is applicable anywhere in the USA, and it's what you'll use when asked to provide a school code. When you use this ACT homeschool code, itmeans that your score results will be sent directly to your home. You will have already provided your address in a different part of the registration process, and ACT will use that information to know where to send your scores. Why Does the ACT Ask for School Codes? There are two reasons why students are asked to provide a school code when they register for the ACT. The first is so their school can see how well they and other students are doing on standardized tests. The second reason is that ACT uses this information itself to collect data on how well different groups of students do on the exam.This can include comparing scores of students within one local area, comparing scores of students in different states, and comparing scores of students in public schools vs home schools.Homeschooled students, on average, score higher on the SAT and theACTthan their public school counterparts. When Should You Use Your Local High School's Code? If you want to, you can use the local high school's code instead of a homeschool code,as long as you have permission from the high school. This could be a good option if you plan on attending the high school later on and want them to already have your ACT scores, or if you need to provide them your ACT scores to participate in their extracurriculars. Conversely, this could mean less privacy for you, since the high school officials would then be able to view your ACT scores. If that bothers you, then it might be better to use the ACT homeschooler's code and send your scores directly to your residence. Other Resources for Homeschoolers Taking the ACT Need more information on registering for the ACT? We have a complete guide on how to register for the ACT as a homeschool student. Are youwonderingwhen you should sign up to take the ACT for the first time?This guidedescribes the most important considerations to help you choose the best test date for you. What's a good ACT score for college?Check out our step-by-step guide to figure out your target score. Want to improve your ACT score by 4+ points? Download our free guide to the top 5 strategies you need in your prep to improve your ACT score dramatically.

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Reflective journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Reflective journal - Essay Example The chapter focuses on the post-menopausal syndromes and myths. The chapter also deals with the concepts of rape and its causes, the causes and tendency for child molestation and reason for impotency. The rate of sexual desire in men and women and the myth regarding it is also cured and discussed. The name of the chapter suggests that the chapter is an explicit delineation of sexual tendencies and various problems, myths and irregularities attached with it. The chapter focuses on the myth regarding the loss of sexuality or desire in women during their menopausal phase. It also delineates with the myths regarding the major sexual desire in men than women and that rape is the resultant phenomena for some men having strong sexual urge. The myth regarding the psychological domination and importance regarding the concept of impotency and that the exceptional case is those of the old man who do not face it at all as it is evident in them. The concepts and myths regarding child molestation that most of them falls prey in the hands of older men are also discussed thoroughly and properly. The chapter undoubtedly cures many narrow and parochial thoughts regarding the sexualities of older men. The very normal and the subtle relations that appear as a transition in the relationships prevailing amid men and women is discussed explicitly which acts as an eye-opener for any reader unknown to all these delicacies of relationship. The common tendency of people misinterpreting and misunderstanding the reasons associated with rape and child molestation also widens our perspective regarding sexual subtleties. The ideas regarding impotency and the knowledge that allows an individual to accept the limitation called impotency is a milestone for the general thought and perception regarding sexual life. The chapter unfolds many unknown avenues pertaining to human relations based on the realm of sexuality. It throws light on the dark abbeys of narrow thoughts